Lifecycle-Driven Propulsion

Shaping Today, Securing Tomorrow

At the forefront of propulsion technology, we specialize in crafting solutions that are not only adaptable to a variety of power sources but are also future-proof, ready for the energy sources of tomorrow. 

We Go the Extra Mile for a More Efficient Solution

At BERG Propulsion, we believe that close dialogue is an essential ingredient to the recipe the creating the best technical solutions and lowest life cycle costs for any vessel. Our contribution combines deep theoretical knowledge with the practical experience we have from thousands of installed systems to ensure optimal vessel efficiency and up-time.

As a partner to your energy transformation needs, we’re committed to delivering propulsion systems that meet your immediate needs while being flexible to evolve with future fuel advancements.

Let’s connect and discover how our innovative approach to integrated propulsion systems can prepare your fleet for a sustainable future.

Vessel design

Right from the outset, we work to optimize performance in dialogue with you and other project partners. We study the vessel’s design, but also its full range of duties and its operating conditions, in order to deliver the best overall solution for your vessel.

Products and services

Backed by decades of experience and innovation, we set the standard for quality, performance and reliability, delivering complete package solutions to meet customer-specific demands.

Life cycle support

Our service and parts support team is a reliable partner with the knowledge, experience and flexibility to ensure your equipment is well-maintained and runs smoothly, even in the harshest conditions. Our 24/7 technical support team stands ready to give immediate support.

Our core strength lies in propulsion and driving vessels forward, an expertise deeply rooted in our DNA. This, combined with our comprehensive understanding of the entire solution, underscores our commitment to delivering unmatched satisfaction to our marine clients worldwide.


Efficiency & Uptime

Systems designed and created for the specific operating requirements. Possibly with the extension of “aiming to deliver the highest performance in every operating condition”.

Tradition of Quality

How do you ensure that your presence is global, your manufacturing profile is streamlined and your hard-earned tradition for quality is maintained, all at the same time?

In our case, we are present globally and support our customers locally through our sales and service offices and our global dealer network. Meanwhile, our manufacturing location on the west coast of Sweden takes responsibility for our complete product portfolio, with design, manufacturing and quality assurance on a single campus. 

Advanced Marine Propulsion Expertise

Expert solutions in marine propulsion. Our specialized tools analyze every aspect from hydrodynamics to vibrations, ensuring tailored, high-performance outcomes for every vessel.

Efficient Collaboration for Accurate Results

Our collaborative approach in modeling and simulation delivers accurate, cost-effective solutions with industry-leading turnaround times, catering to your unique marine propulsion needs.

Partnership for Customized Success

We believe in partnership-driven success. Working closely with our clients, we craft bespoke solutions in marine propulsion, ensuring results that align perfectly with your specific requirements.

Products Designed With Your Operation in Mind

We tailor our solutions to your specific operating profile
Dimetric Stern View
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“At LDA, our ambition is to lead the maritime industry through its energy transition. We must ensure that the solutions supporting our vision are the smartest available and that we can rely on our technology partners throughout a ship’s lifetime. BERG’s integrated propulsion system enables us to minimize fuel consumption and emissions.”

Arthur Barret

Head of Engineering, Project & Innovation Department, LDA