Tunnel Thrusters

To provide side thrust, tunnel thrusters are crucial for both auxiliary and dynamic positioning applications.

We offer the complete package as a part of our electrical system integration.

Improved maneuverability is one of the benefits of our tunnel thrusters. It is particularly useful in applications and situations where precision is required, such as when navigating through narrow channels, tight spaces, and during mooring and harboring operations. MTT makes it easier to navigate through even the most challenging marine environments.

One or more transverse thrusters are used to move the vessel sideways and to rotate it. Available both as FPP (fixed pitch propellers) and CPP (controllable pitch propellers). In fixed pitch, the direction of rotation and motor rpm are altered to control the thrust. The control of thrust in controllable pitch is achieved by adjusting the pitch of the propeller. Typically, CP tunnel thrusters maintain a fixed RPM while in use.

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing and designing controllable pitch propellers over the course of several decades, the installed and designed tunnel thruster shows the same durability characteristics as our shaft line propellers. The principles of the drive line and the housing we use for our well-proven azimuth thrusters are applied to the tunnel thrusters to ensure the same efficiency and reliability. 

MTT for an Offshore Supply Vessel Application


MTT as Swing-in/Swing-out


MTT CPP - Controllable Pitch Propeller

MTT FPP - Fixed Pitch Propeller

MTT Key Features

The marine transverse thruster is available in two configurations: a heavy-duty MTT, suitable for dynamic positioning (DP) applications, and an auxiliary MTT suitable for harbor maneuvering.

Furthermore the thrusters are versatile and can be adapted to fit in previous Berg Propulsion tunnels, as well as those of other major industry players, making them a great option for upgrading existing vessels.


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