Shaft Line Propeller

Environmentally friendly and designed to last, with low vibration and maximum efficiency – these are the key qualities of our MPP, both as a controllable pitch propeller and fixed pitch propeller. Our propellers are future-proofed and adaptable to any power source. 

The marine propulsion controllable pitch propeller is designed for heavy-duty applications. A hydraulic servo cylinder in the hub sets the desired pitch of the propeller blades. As the propeller changes the blades’ angle, it is able to generate a variable thrust, adjusted to suit different operating conditions, such as varying speeds, seas, and currents.    

This flexibility makes our controllable pitch propellers particularly useful for vessels that require precise maneuverability. In addition to improved maneuverability, the CPP can contribute to reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. By optimizing the pitch of the blades, the engine can operate at its most efficient speed, reducing the amount of fuel needed to maintain a given speed. This, together with carefully designed blades optimized for hydrodynamic efficiency, can lead to significant cost savings over the course of the vessel’s lifespan.

The hub lubrication system is a unique oil-circulating system with integrated moisture monitoring. Ours is the first hub system in the shipbuilding industry where the moisture content is constantly monitored, which makes it possible to protect the entire propeller system.   

Key Features of the MPP CPP

Two shaft lines with five blades propeller for a custom 83-meters research vessel application.

Suitable for Twin Screw Vessels

Feathering Technology

BERG Propulsion’s patented feathering solution improves the operating flexibility and efficiency of vessels with twin propeller installations. When feathered, the blades are positioned parallel to the water flow, minimizing the propeller’s drag. With one engine and propeller shaft turned off, the operating engine can be run at a more efficient point than the two engines, and provide a substantial increase in propulsion efficiency and fuel savings. 

Feathering can be available on our robust and reliable marine propulsion CPP propellers. This means that our feathering solution is an option for all kinds of vessels.

Feathering Features
Hub - Feathering Technology

The MPP feathering solution

Feathering Concept For

Optimised Vessel Efficiency

Vessels equipped with twin screws that lack the feathering functionality are unable to achieve efficient operation on a single propeller due to the significant losses in parasitic drag caused by the non-running propeller. All kinds of vessels can benefit from our feathering solution.


As Controllable Pitch Propeller

Controllable pitch propellers allow greater flexibility and control of your propeller performance, making them ideal for vessels that require precise maneuverability. While fixed pitch propellers (FPPs) are simpler and more cost-effective initially, they may not be suitable for vessels that require performance variability in different operating conditions.


Designed for propeller installations that require a hollow bored gearbox shaft, the MPP hub with an oil distribution box is located at the forward end of the gear box (HDX).


Intended for direct drive or systems with long intermediate shaft lines, the MPP hub has an oil distribution box on an intermediate shaft (BCX).

For New Builds and Retrofits

Let’s discuss how we can help you to choose the right propulsion unit for your vessel!

Ultimately, the choice between a controllable pitch propeller and fixed pitch propeller has to come down to the specific needs and requirements of the vessel in question. We can help you to make the most suitable choice for your future and existing vessels.


As Fixed Pitch Propeller

Each fixed pitch propeller (FPP) we manufacture is carefully crafted with blades that are set at a unique angle, and are tailor-made to precisely match the operational profile of the vessel that it is intended for. 

Some of the main advantages of our fixed pitch propellers are the simple design, cost-effective manufacturing and low maintenance costs. We offer the complete package as a part of our electrical system integration solution, including control system, motors, drive, etc..

One shaft line with four blades propeller for a custom XXX-meters XXX vessel application.


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