Main Switch Board

Our BERG Propulsion Main Switchboard (MSB) has an integrated Power Management System (PMS). This gives you the flexibility to connect the power generators and major consumers required for your vessel in a safe and efficient way.

Since a vessel requires significant power to operate properly, the main switchboard must be capable of managing large electric currents without overheating or malfunctioning. In addition, it must be designed to endure the harsh marine environment with saltwater exposure, high humidity, vibration, and other factors that come with it.

Another important aspect of a main switchboard is its ability to monitor and control the vessel’s electrical systems, and identify potential issues. It incorporates different safety devices like circuit breakers, fuses, and other protective mechanisms to safeguard the vessel and its crew in the event of an electrical malfunction.


Power Management System

The power management system (PMS) is an integrated part of our main switchboard. Its ensures that the propulsion system has enough power to operate and that the power sources are synchronized correctly. 

The PMS communicates continuously and directly with the propulsion control system about the power requirement at any given time. Based on the power requirement, it activates the power sources that are needed.

Our BERG Propulsion main switchboard (MSB) with an integrated power management system (PMS) is part of our custom-made electrical integration solutions with an interface to our propulsion control system.


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