Marine Control System

MPC800 is designed for optimized control and performance of our propulsion systems. The system is highly flexible, which enables us to customize it to suit the specific needs of each vessel individually.

The maritime industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, and with that comes increased demands for better efficiency, safety, and maneuverability from vessel operators. Navigating these challenges successfully now requires the use of advanced control systems, which have become indispensable tools. Control systems for vessels encompass a broad range of technologies that contribute to the effective management and operation of marine vessels. 

MPC 800 is a powerful control system specially designed for shaft line propellers, thrusters and associated systems in all types of vessels. The control panels have graphical displays, which can be configured to control or interface with a wide range of supplementary systems including: clutches, engines, motors, systems, shaft brakes, joysticks, DP systems, VDR and conning systems. 

Efficient power management is crucial for minimizing environmental impact and reducing operational costs on vessels. Our modern control systems allow seamless integration between propulsion machinery (such as engines or propellers) and auxiliary equipment (like generators or electrical systems), enabling optimized power distribution throughout the vessel. This integration ensures a reliable power supply, reduces energy wastage, and maximizes fuel efficiency.

Seamless Integration

Reliable and Flexible

A number of service modes can be configured, including different combinator curves and constant speed modes. The system uses modern field bus technology with duplicated bus and electronics for maximum redundancy.  

The serial field bus significantly reduces the wiring. The duplicated bus and electronic circuits ensure full functionality of the system in the event of a total failure of one of the electronic branches. The system operates on two separate 24V DC supplies, one for each electronic branch. 

The Dynamic Drive feature, which optimizes engine rpm and propeller pitch, has proven to be effective in reducing fuel consumption and saving fuel. This innovative technology is available as an upgrade for existing vessels as well as extended functionality for new builds.


Smarter Operation

As vessel operators face mounting pressures to improve efficiency and safety while navigating complex marine environments, advanced control systems stand out as indispensable tools.

With enhanced maneuverability, improved efficiency, risk mitigation features, integrated power management functions, and advanced monitoring capabilities – these systems transform vessels into smarter entities poised for success in the modern maritime era.
Data Sharing

Remote Monitoring

The MPC 800 control and monitoring system is user-friendly, provides the operator with clear information and full control of all propulsors, thrusters (CPP, FPP), and engine systems. MPC 800 can easily be configured to control and interface with a wide range of supplementary systems. 

Sharing the data from our systems has become a common practice, as it provides the owner and operator with valuable insights into the usage and condition of the equipment.  By sharing information and having a closer cooperation, we can find the best way to utilize the equipment capacity and prevent unwanted downtime.


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