Direct Drive Electric

For Simplicity, Efficiency and Reliability

The ultimate in simplicity, our direct drive electric has no gearbox and no moving parts except the propeller shaft supported in rugged shaft bearings and takes efficiency and reliability to new heights.

Together with our partner, The Switch, we have developed the new Direct Drive Electric for propelling ships in electric setups. It offers improved efficiency in what we call an advanced conventional technology. This novel setup delivers a robust and simplified configuration, for example, with the propeller shaft supported in rugged shaft bearings, to further improve the operation of any application, emphasizing reliability and efficiency.

With the industry-wide shift towards the electrification of ship power already underway, the Direct Drive system is ideal for integrating generators with fuel alternatives, fuel cells, or batteries.

Innovation in Action

One Solution – 3 Awards

Our Direct Drive Electric solution, awarded 3 times for its innovative technology, will help shipowners move towards electrification more efficiently.

The MV Nukumi vessel from CSL was named bulk ship of the year 2022 and the vessel of the year 2023,  further more the vessel is awarded with the  2022 Technology Award Green4Sea.

A perfect compact solution

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Indeed, any ship type requiring the high maneuverability or high redundancy in which electric propulsion systems excel, seeking to optimize efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability, should consider the benefits of our Direct Drive technology.

The solution is especially effective when applied to offshore vessels, where its robust setup is likely to prove attractive for an owner group already persuaded of the advantages of electric propulsion. The system’s ability to integrate battery power straightforwardly could make the solution attractive for ferry owners. Single-screw cargo ships and bunker vessels are also likely candidates as environmental regulations drive the need to incorporate new low-carbon propulsion solutions.

Systems complexity and high component numbers have been acknowledged as responsible for resistance among ship owners to consider electric propulsion. The Direct Drive Electric propulsion solution is an effective counter to this, offering a minimalistic approach to components without sacrifices.

The ultimate in simplicity, our solution has no gearbox and no moving parts except the propeller shaft. The electric motor is actually part of the propeller shaft and drives the propeller directly. And without a gearbox, the shaft line can be shorter, fewer bearings are needed and the engine room footprint is also reduced.

The system achieves extremely high torque capability, allowing much larger propeller diameters than is usually the case for this installation, further increasing efficiency.

Aggregate performance enhancements available from dispensing with gears, the electric motor’s superior performance, and the larger propeller can yield efficiency gains of 10-30% over conventional or podded propulsion systems.

In addition to greater energy efficiency, removing the gearbox reduces wear in ancillary components and cuts maintenance requirements, simplifying installation as a more robust arrangement.

Silent and Reliable

Twin Fin compatible

BERG Direct Drive system is fully operational, and already its inclusion in orders featuring BERG’s patented Twin Fin system. In this case, the drive system is installed within compact, hydrodynamically-shaped fins which
are custom-designed to optimise flow through the propellers to minimise fuel consumption and noise.

The Twin Fin enclosure is however not the only option as this system is already discussed and made available in vessels where the Direct Drive motors are installed inside the hull such as single screw cargo vessels, RoPax ferries, patrol vessels and other ships where the energy transformation and operation profile will make an electrical solution beneficial over a mechanic concept.

The fins are custom-designed to optimize the flow to the propellers in order to minimize fuel consumption and noise.

The fins on the MV Nukumi vessel.


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