Azimuth Thruster

Designed for performance and maneuverability, our BERG Propulsion MTA is a steerable thruster with a custom-made controllable pitch propeller (CPP) or fixed pitch propeller (FPP) available as Z-drive and L-drive.

Robustness and reliability are our focus to ensure maximum uptime for our customers. BERG MTA is a steerable thruster designed and built to provide unparalleled in-service performance for various marine vessels. They are available in both controllable pitch and fixed pitch propellers. Propellers are custom designed for each application, ensuring optimum efficiency, low noise levels, and less vibration. The high level of reliability that these products offer is due to their conservative design, which includes heavy-duty gears, bearings, and other materials. Furthermore, the design is focused on ensuring that installation is simplified and maintenance is easy.

The azimuth thruster refers to its ability to rotate the propeller in any direction. This is a key feature for vessels that require precise maneuverability, such as tug boats, offshore support vessels and ferries. Azimuth thruster technology enables vessels to maintain their position in a dynamic positioning (DP) mode, allowing them to carry out complex operations such as drilling, or unloading close to offshore rigs or diving operations.

Simplicity in Design

Simple Installation & Easy Maintenance

Our thruster design ensures easy integration with diesel mechanical to electric hybrid propulsion systems. The BERG MTA thruster and its upper gear are designed for dual power input, such that both main input (diesel engine) and power take in (PTI electric motor) are on the same shaft from opposite ends. This arrangement provides high reliability and facilitates precise load sharing for hybrid vessels.

By minimizing the number of loose auxiliaries and integrating components on the upper part of the azimuth thruster, the time needed for installation is kept to a minimum. All components are also inside the hull attachment flange, allowing the unit to be installed from below without disassembling components.

easy maintenance
Environmental Friendly

Our MTAs in Action

MTA-driven tugboats offer excellent performance, increased efficiency and environmental benefits. Electric motors can provide instant torque, allowing tugs to respond quickly in critical situations or when precise movements are required. This capability improves safety and enhances operational efficiency.

Fixed Pitch and Controllable Pitch Propeller

Options and Variations

Our focus is on supporting you in choosing and setting up the complete propulsion solution for your vessel, while taking into account its operational profile and unique requirements to meet current and future demands. We offer the complete package as a part of an electrical system integration solution, including motors, starters, etc.


MTA CPP - Controllable Pitch Propeller

For New Builds and Retrofits

Let’s discuss how we can help you choose the right propulsion unit for your vessel!

Ultimately, the choice between a controllable pitch propeller and fixed pitch propeller has to come down to the specific needs and requirements of the vessel in question. We can help you to make the most suitable choice for your future and existing vessels.

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