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Controllable Pitch Propeller for Optimal Efficiency

Our world leading controllable pitch propellers are fully optimized to give you heavy-duty performance, peace of mind, and uptime. Because – out there – that’s what counts. We optimize performance through dialogue with you. Taking into account your vessel’s operational profile and hull design – or anything that affects the hydrodynamics – we present you with the best solution for your specific needs.

Controllable Pitch Propeller


Compact, Modularized and Integrated
Designed for flexibility and maneuverability, the Marine Thruster Azimuth is a steerable thruster with a custom-made controllable or fixed-pitch propeller. It offers low levels of noise and vibration as well as simplified installation and maintenance. The thruster unit is available in both L-drive and Z-drive configurations.
Dimetric Fwd View

Azimuth Thruster


Hybrid Interface

With our design of upper gears and thruster the step from a diesel mechanic installation towards a hybrid with diesel and electric motor becomes straightforward. 

Our unique design allows the input shaft to the thrusters to be extended on the aft side of the upper gear, so that the thrusters take full input power on both sides of the thruster.

In addition,, our control system is fully hybrid-capable with built in functionality for mode selection, mechanical/electric load sharing and power automation.

Hybrid Interface


Controllable and Fixed-Pitch Tunnel Thrusters

Our Marine Transverse Thruster (CPP or FPP) features rugged gears and bearings.

Two configurations are available: 
-Heavy-duty suitable for DP applications
-Auxiliary-duty for all other applications

All sizes have are available with a full selector on electric motors and drives/starters

Tunnel Thruster

MPC 800

Intuitive Control of all Propellers, Thrusters and Engines

Specially designed with the latest microprocessor technology, the MPC 800 control and monitoring system is unbelievably easy to use. It provides the operator with clear information and full control of all propellers, thrusters and engines. The MPC 800 can easily be configured to control and interface with a wide range of supplementary systems.

Remote monitoring and future-readiness are integral to our system and can be tailored to any platform already onboard, whatever your needs.

Control System


Reliable, Efficient and Green

The TWIN FIN propulsion concept is an innovative solution which increases uptime, fuel efficiency, and flexibility for newbuilds and existing vessels when compared to conventional alternatives. It is also ultra-fast and simple to retrofit, and get up and running. TWIN FIN lets you get the most out of your vessel – now and in the future.

TWIN FIN Propulsion System

Hybrid Propulsion

Flexibility and Efficiency

Our hybrid system comes in many shapes and forms, from the power take home solutions often installed on merchant vessels and tankers to the fully integrated hybrid system we have built for tugboats and offshore vessels.

Each system is customized in collaboration with the vessel operator and shipyard using our in-house tools and procedures to analyze operating profile and equipment capability.

The solution is available either as a propulsion thruster with the hybrid control system or as a complete package including integration and the electrical and power management systems.

Hybrid Propulsion System

Electric Integration

Customized to You

We also offer a full lineup of electrical drives and solutions that are customized for each project, including variable frequency drives, starting devices, main switch boards and power management systems.

Electric Integration

Product Values

Because We Love What We Do

Designed to last

We take a conservative design approach based on data and field experience. We design core components, aiming to exceed customer expectations on durability.


We target integrated functionality and subsystems which enable simple installation and maintenance. We provide standardized product documentation and services to meet customer expectations on timeliness and efficiency.


Our solutions are best in class for vessel efficiency and for minimizing environmental footprint. We design and manage our products with the complete lifecycle in mind, paying special attention to modularity and product serviceability.

Ready for the future

Our products have a modular design and our engineering model allows us to tailor our solutions to customer-specific requirements. Our products are designed with remote connectivity in mind, helping our customers operate and service their equipment with maximum efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – we work harder to provide the best possible system solution and configuration to fit your specific needs and operating profiles.

Yes, our equipment is compatible with all engine makes; we focus on providing best possible efficiency independent of prime mover.

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