About Us

Starting out from a small Swedish shipyard in 1912, BERG Propulsion retained that Viking heritage of hard work, skilled craftsmanship, and tireless urge to explore with the focus on the future and our love for the sea.

Who We Are

In the recent past, there have been many influences in our history, one part of our soul has always been consistent, regardless of our challenges, the inner need for excellence and reliability, for what we are already known within the maritime industry. 

Our headquarter is based in Sweden, while providing global a range of propulsion technologies, electrical integration solutions and energy efficiency optimization strategies for marine and offshore vessels. We design and manufactures controllable-pitch propellers, azimuth thrusters and transverse thrusters, as well as vessel control and manoeuvring systems, and supply both hybrid interface and integrated hybrid electric propulsion solutions. 

We have production facilities in Sweden, and direct sales & service offices in China, Singapore, Türkiye and the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, we have a global dealer & service network.

Eco Friendly Focus on

Life Cycle And Sustainability


Focus on Reused Material

Renewable Electricity

Solution Portfolio

We are establishing a sustainability department to meet future demands.

Much of our material is recycled, and we continue increasing it to save the world’s resources.

Our energy is supplied from 100 % renewable electricity.

We design our products and solutions with sustainability in mind – refurbishment and repair is our mantra.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision Statement

“We make global shipping safe and sustainable”  

We succeed by being a trusted partner, involved from the early design phase, adding value throughout the entire life cycle of the vessel.

Our Mission Statement

“We provide technical solutions and services for best overall efficiency and up-time”  

We make our partners more successful having a passion for performance and a desire to understand their needs.